About us

We have been working in the market of industrial mountaineering and high-altitude works for more than 12 years. During all those years, we have completed almost 800 works that required professional and unique solutions. We have repeatedly faced challenging tasks and fulfilled them successfully. Therefore, we know that there are simply no invincible jobs for our professional team. The „ALPINUS“ team efficiently works at any height and in hard-to-reach places. We are always looking for solutions that are not only safe but also save our customers time and money. The first consultation is FREE!

"ALPINUS" values

Professionalism. We take care of professionalism in our team and ensure the professional development of our employees. We believe that by working with the best specialists in our field, we can accomplish effective and modern solutions.

Quality. We provide a long-term guarantee for our works. We believe that our best advertisement is ALPINUS conducted work that demonstrates our skills and experience. This is why we are happy to share the portfolio and recommendations of our clients.

Speed, mobility and security. Industrial mountaineering aims to combine these three main elements. The professionalism, mobility and experience of the employees allow us to perform high-quality, safe work in the shortest possible time.

Individual solutions. We know that situations cannot be the same, therefore we pay a lot of attention to evaluate the individual needs of our clients.

Why is it worth to work with us?
  • We will choose the solution that suits you best
  • We will explain in the detail work plan and possible alternatives
  • We will perform high-quality, safe and fast work
  • The work will be performed by experienced professional specialists in their fields
  • We will provide a long-term guarantee for the performed work